Friday, March 26, 2010

Street Fair Prep

Mama's Little Monkey's, Quibby's Bows and I will be at the Picayune Street Fair.

To prepare for said Street Fair I went to Michale's and Hobby Lobby about 2 weeks ago. I spent just about all my money on yarn. My wonderful best friend had given me $50 gift certificate so I was able to get some scrapbooking supplies for my other habit.

So in all the chaos of getting ready for this... here are some pics to make you smile. This is my "craft" room. It's a corner of my living room. I'm just so thankful that my hubby got me a dishwasher so I can spend more time making stuff. HA HA!

Some finished, some not so finished projects. All my scrapbooking stuff in the back. I really need to buy one of those organizers for that.

I was in the middle of making a hat last night and got too tired to finish.

I cleaned off my sewing table the other day to fill a wipes order and it just got stacked here. Yes that is more yarn.

My yarn drawer is overflowing....

Into this box....

The cleanest place in my craft corner.

I found the last stash of the forest animal print on the Internet that I'm aware of and bought the last 3 yards. If you know anyone who has this print let me know. It's my most popular print for wipes and they've discontinued it. I'm hoping it will be back in the fall. This will all be wipes by the end of the weekend.

Happy Crafting!
Tell anyone you know in the South MS, or LA area to come by the Street Fair and check us out. We will have a TON of cute things.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Inspired Craftiness

Today is officially the first day of Spring here in the I'm told! Here in Southern Louisiana...we only  have two seasons, hurricane and football...

But I digress....spring is a fabulous time to get inspired creatively! Things are blooming, green, colors are vibrant. It's the perfect time to reevaluate what you do, why you do it, and how can you change things? How can YOU grow as an artisan?

I'm  a big fan of Tip Junkie, and was happy to find this post on Easter/Spring ideas.

What nifty things do you have planned for spring? Personally I am still on a purge..purge the house, purge the toys, purge my life to make it simpler! Having a new full time job really cuts into my creative time but I am learning to make do and enjoy the simple things I can do to feed my creativity.

What inspires you by Spring?

Spring Inspired Supplies:

Hand Painted Yarn by Alaskan Nancy

Spring Chicks E Pattern by RagsNTags

Show us your Spring Inspired Supplies, Handmade Creations or Vintage!! Feel free to leave links in the comments!!


**Links not related to Handmade, Supplies or Vintage will be deleted!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Giveaway Winner!!!

Congrats Beth of Wolflinx Jewelry! You have won Mr Caterpillar Pendant!! Thanks all for playing...Ironically said pendant is made to order so I actually need to MAKE it Beth before I mail it, but while I'm at it I will make more and just keep giving those away BECAUSE I CAN Mr. Carle.

Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Thanks all for entering!!


Now on the Supplyaholic front....

I have been severally deprived of my supply use since I began working full time. You would THINK this would slow down my supply BUYING right?

NO! Silly me! In the past few weeks I have purchased:

4 orders from (damn sale emails. I really must unsubscribe)
Badge reels ID holders and Badge reels with keychains.
Little tiny chinese food containers for me to package my fabric fortune cookies in...which turned out to be way smaller than I thought..but it's okay, we'll work with it...

And I have yet ANOTHER cover button buy in the works. That one is totally not my fault. Okay, so it's a lot my fault--I have created button making addicts.

What can I say? I gotta share my addiction!


Now for your drooling pleasure:

My buys: