Saturday, May 29, 2010

You'd Give Up WHAT for Supplies?

Let's have a little fun...
what would you give up for crafting supplies?

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Soapy Shot Glasses...


Sooooo, the soapy shot glasses using the Ice Shot Glass maker from Bed Bath and Beyond...well, not so much worky. I managed to get some shot glasses out of it, but they really weren't all that. They were a PITA to get out of the mold. (I had forgotten to lubricate the mold before I poured them in....I apparently forgot the soapsicle fiasco of last summer...) But you know what, lesson learned! And it was not a loss-- I had my friend over from work, we made soap for a work party and had fun!! And, I got on Ebay and within minutes found 2 silicone (Man I love silicone molds) for under 10 bucks including shipping. They still made usable and nice smelling soaps and my coworkers enjoyed them!! :)

So I promise, when I get the silicone molds in and make REAL soap shot glasses, I will post pics! :)

In the meantime..what crafting fiasco's have you had? What awesome plans did you have that went horribly awry?


Monday, May 10, 2010

You know you've got it bad when...

When you agree to swap fabric for sewing. The lovely Amy and I have become fast friends and it really helps that she only lives 25 minutes away and she has 2 boys near my boys age. She's really cool too. So the other day I helped her figure out if she could really afford to hire someone to help her make her swiffer pads. When the numbers were crunched it just wasn't worth it in the end. I did tell her that if she found herself in a bind give me a call.

Weeeelll... she called. Poor thing with a day job and no time to craft, I really feel for her. So you really have it bad when you agree to sew for a friend and trade fabric and sewing supplies for your labor. I honestly would do it just to help her out, but shhh don't tell her because she has some awesome fabric just waiting for me to grab. LOL

I had  a dream about shopping in her sewing room last night. HA HA!

What would you do for fabric??

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Newest Supply Purchase....Soap Shot Glass Mold!

I am super excited about this mold I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday.

It's supposed to be for 'ice shot glasses' but I plan to use it to make soap shot glasses! I've put my soap shop on sale and soon vacation because I need a break from it, but I am excited about this! It will be nice to make some soap for me, no pressure, just for fun! I can't wait to play with this thing!

I'll be sure to post pics when I get going with them!

What nifty supplies have you bought lately!?