Monday, April 19, 2010

More Yarn

Ok so you remember my picture a few weeks ago of all that yarn.. well I did it again. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 12 more skeins of yarn, oh no wait it was 14.

Let me tell you the adventure I had to go on to get those 2 skeins (the only ones I NEEDED)....

So Friday I headed to my "local" Hobby Lobby (it's about 25 min. ride). I stopped by the fabric section because I'm adding another product and I needed some cute cotton prints. I then decided that it was time for me to find the pattern for the apron I've wanted to sew for some months now. I found the pattern and then got the fabric I needed. Fifty dollars later I was headed out the door. I got all the way to the exit for my house and realized I didn't get the yarn I needed. It was almost time for the store to close so there was no going back.

The next day I write a list of what I need at the 3 stores I'm going to go to in the area to make my 2nd trip in two days worth it. I get to Target and look for my list... NO LIST! Don't you hate that? I do remember what I needed there, good thing it was only one thing. LOL! I head to Hobby Lobby and get more yarn, I guess I really did need some of it, but maybe not 12 skeins. I go to the grocery where I can find some of the food my boys can have (they have major food sensitivities), I finish up there get on the interstate in hopes of getting the boys home before they fall asleep so they can eat lunch. I was running my "list" in my head and 5 min into the trip I realize that I forgot the 1 yarn color I needed the most. AHHH! I'm so glad I was about 1 mile from the next exit so I could easily turn around and go back.

So I finally get what I needed and the boys got to eat Wendy's. I felt so funny asking for two hamburger patties with nothing on them. I have no clue if it was completely safe, but at that point it was too late in the day to worry about it, I had to feed them something.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

YOU know its bad when....

So I went to Joanns yesterday to price a few things out, the internet is great and all but I want to see and touch not just assume. So anyways, me and the kids are at Joanns, I had no intention of buying anything, but Davin kept finding things I needed. So YOU know its bad when your children help aid you in your addiction or enable you to want more.

Ohh and has any one seen the Husqverna (sorry I know I spelled it wrong) serger at Joanns, it is the big one with the computer screen on it. I AM IN LOVE. I told me old serger mama needed it to croak so she can go buy the big sexy machine at Joanns. LOL.

Do your kids try to help you purchase items "you need" while at the stores? IF so please tell, I dont want to be the only one. LOL>