Thursday, April 1, 2010

YOU know its bad when....

So I went to Joanns yesterday to price a few things out, the internet is great and all but I want to see and touch not just assume. So anyways, me and the kids are at Joanns, I had no intention of buying anything, but Davin kept finding things I needed. So YOU know its bad when your children help aid you in your addiction or enable you to want more.

Ohh and has any one seen the Husqverna (sorry I know I spelled it wrong) serger at Joanns, it is the big one with the computer screen on it. I AM IN LOVE. I told me old serger mama needed it to croak so she can go buy the big sexy machine at Joanns. LOL.

Do your kids try to help you purchase items "you need" while at the stores? IF so please tell, I dont want to be the only one. LOL>


  1. you are SO not the only not worry :) My son tends to find things I make for HIM! :) Thus the teaching him some basics like whipstitch!

  2. At this point all harrison wants at the craft store is candy! LOL that's my bribery to make him behave when we're in there! He still does like the UPS truck is the fabric truck!

  3. I was in Hancock the other day and both boys were asking me, as I was trying to figure out the price per yard of a roll of ribbon that only had meters on it, do you need this (pointing at different things) or this, oh lets get this mama.

    Oh no my boys are going to be great craft shoppers... shh don't tell Daddy. The do love Home Depot so there is hope.