Monday, April 19, 2010

More Yarn

Ok so you remember my picture a few weeks ago of all that yarn.. well I did it again. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 12 more skeins of yarn, oh no wait it was 14.

Let me tell you the adventure I had to go on to get those 2 skeins (the only ones I NEEDED)....

So Friday I headed to my "local" Hobby Lobby (it's about 25 min. ride). I stopped by the fabric section because I'm adding another product and I needed some cute cotton prints. I then decided that it was time for me to find the pattern for the apron I've wanted to sew for some months now. I found the pattern and then got the fabric I needed. Fifty dollars later I was headed out the door. I got all the way to the exit for my house and realized I didn't get the yarn I needed. It was almost time for the store to close so there was no going back.

The next day I write a list of what I need at the 3 stores I'm going to go to in the area to make my 2nd trip in two days worth it. I get to Target and look for my list... NO LIST! Don't you hate that? I do remember what I needed there, good thing it was only one thing. LOL! I head to Hobby Lobby and get more yarn, I guess I really did need some of it, but maybe not 12 skeins. I go to the grocery where I can find some of the food my boys can have (they have major food sensitivities), I finish up there get on the interstate in hopes of getting the boys home before they fall asleep so they can eat lunch. I was running my "list" in my head and 5 min into the trip I realize that I forgot the 1 yarn color I needed the most. AHHH! I'm so glad I was about 1 mile from the next exit so I could easily turn around and go back.

So I finally get what I needed and the boys got to eat Wendy's. I felt so funny asking for two hamburger patties with nothing on them. I have no clue if it was completely safe, but at that point it was too late in the day to worry about it, I had to feed them something.

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