Saturday, May 22, 2010

Soapy Shot Glasses...


Sooooo, the soapy shot glasses using the Ice Shot Glass maker from Bed Bath and Beyond...well, not so much worky. I managed to get some shot glasses out of it, but they really weren't all that. They were a PITA to get out of the mold. (I had forgotten to lubricate the mold before I poured them in....I apparently forgot the soapsicle fiasco of last summer...) But you know what, lesson learned! And it was not a loss-- I had my friend over from work, we made soap for a work party and had fun!! And, I got on Ebay and within minutes found 2 silicone (Man I love silicone molds) for under 10 bucks including shipping. They still made usable and nice smelling soaps and my coworkers enjoyed them!! :)

So I promise, when I get the silicone molds in and make REAL soap shot glasses, I will post pics! :)

In the meantime..what crafting fiasco's have you had? What awesome plans did you have that went horribly awry?


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