Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A bit of a problem

So much like our dear mamaslittlemonkeys, I have a hoarding problem, but mine is just fabric. LOL.

So I noticed the other day this pile of fabric up in my room, hubby asked me what it was doing seperate from all the rest. I told Him I was saving it for a special project, not going in to much detail, just I need it there and please dont move it. Truth is, the fabric is too pretty to cut. Yes I admit it, I put some fabric away after buying it because it is simply too pretty to use.


My name is Jonie and I have a problem. I buy fabric and stash it in a corner because it is too pretty to use.

Do any of yall do this or am I the only crazy person here.


  1. Oh, I have the very same problem, you aren't alone at all. The sad thing is that I will be moving in the next couple of months and my hubby wants me to get rid of most of my fabric *faint*.Lol

  2. Oh Jonie, you are NOT alone. I have fabric I just don't want to cut too!

  3. That is for sure...I have had some fabric for 15 yrs when I first made my neice's quilt and keeped extras just incase she lost it and needed her security blankie found.

  4. I hear ya - except for me its beads that are just too pretty to use - so they sit there and I drool over them - but wont use them.