Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You're Forced to Choose ONE Craft Medium...

What would it be? Many of us do several craft mediums, like I do sewing, melt and pour soaps, some paper crafts and whatever lil odds and ends I can get my hands on.

But suppose you were being held hostage and your captors had a soft spot for handmade art, and they allowed you to keep ONE craft....what would it be?

For me, sewing and fabric NO DOUBT. I love soap, I love paper, but I REAAAALLY love fabric!

What's your ONE thing?



  1. Felt and Needle (of course with some thread)..ribbons are a close second but the opportunties are endless with Felt..

  2. Present Past Treasure Jewelry, of course!!!! ;-)

  3. I can't choose... can't even think about it!

  4. WOW! That's a har one, but I would have to say crocheting. Knitting I don't have as much knowledge as I would like about it so I wouldn't be able to do much without being frustrated and if I'm being held captive, well that would be stressful enough. LOL
    And sewing, hopefully we are held captive together and you can do all the sewing and I can just sit in awe of your creations. HA HA! That was fun.

  5. fabric, I am a slave to fabric. LOL.

  6. this is hard! but it has to be sewing and fabric. Felt is still fabric, right? ;)