Friday, February 12, 2010

What's New? What's for Sale?

Share with us!! I'd like to take a moment to let you know what we have for sale in Destash City that's new. Why? Well, for one, well, because I can...and for two, you KNOW you want to see it. If you are following this blog you are a supplyaholic too. Go ahead, admit's OKAY. We'll hold your hand.

I've added some buttons and zippers to Destash City on Artfire and some fabric yo yo's and Riley Blake on Etsy

What do you have for sale that us supplyaholics can lust after? What new finds have you gotten?

Personally I'm jonesing..I haven't been able to sew in awhile due to life, illness and other to-do's. I finished a huge load of badge reels and some pendants (which I still haven't listed because I haven't gotten pics!). I NEED TO SEW. But will I get to sew soon? NOPE. Our family has to recover from the flu and catch up on what didn't get done while we were sick. And then there's taxes to do. Ugh.

Soooooooooooo show us what you got!!! Or do you know of a good sale? SHARE! :)



  1. I have all my lampwork beads on sale this week at 20% off on Etsy & Artfire.

    Going to check yours out Mama!

  2. i have uploaded half of my heart beads inventory at Popnicute Supplies"


  3. I dont have anything for sale just yet, LOL. But wanted to send you hugs and well wishes, get better our dear lady of supplyahoics. LOL.