Friday, February 5, 2010

What to do, What to do... Buy more Supplies!

I think I seriously need a 12 step program. As if its not bad enough that I don't have enough room for the supplies I have now....

Okay actually, lets stop there and examine that statement. I have a 6 foot bookcase that is filled up with fishing tackle boxes. I have boxes stacked up in the bedroom too. So it's really anyone's guess as to how many boxes I really have. And to think that I still don't have enough room or boxes to put away the bags of supplies I have left.

Now, one would think that the rational person would use up some of these supplies before buying more. Right? Ha, wrong! Yeah, as if it's not bad enough that I still haven't found homes from the supply run 2 months ago, and all those in between then and now, I am still buying more supplies.

Now you may ask if I am buying the supplies for a custom piece or for an order. Well, technically yes and no. Some of what I have picked out are for special projects but most of it is just random things that I just can't live without.

So, what's the damage? You would think that it wouldn't be that bad except I just had to cut an order down that was over $1000! Yikes, that was a bit more than I could handle. Not to mention the 50 some dollar order that I am about to place for jump rings for my chainmaille. Plus, lets see... Cool new supplies that my local craft store got in, can't live without those. Another craft store is going out of business, so they are having a sale. Did I mention, SALE! And I'm sure there are some things that I am forgetting, but I think you get the point.

So why oh why am I still looking for more supplies. Plus the fact that I actually said to myself earlier, "I don't have enough supplies. I don't have what I need." What the heck was I thinking?

Oh yeah, I need to buy more supplies. Yeah, I think I need help. Yes, I am addicted to supplies. And oddly enough, I'm okay with that.


  1. i'm not here to help either.. BUY MORE SUPPLIES at my store :D hahhaa

    PopnicuteSupplies <3

  2. Ahhh you are officially one of us now! You need to get over to our sister site, and submit yourself to the rehab!!!

    I totally know how you feel though! I literally could sew day and nite for MONTHS and still not make a dent in my fabric. That's just the fabric. Then there's the soap supplies, paper supplies....I could go on...

    Ahh we are all one big dysfunctional crafty family!

  3. buying is half the fun! you know you need more beads! come see my deStash

    I'm having a BA meeting today

  4. I have to stop myself from buying supplies. I see shopping as a way of inspiration. I remind myself that I need to go shopping in my own stash. I have more stamps than I could possibly use, and I still look for more....*headdesk*LOL*

  5. I am so addicted. I have dressers full of fabric and a galley kitchen full of cross stitch supplies, a closet full of painting supplies and my living room has been engulfed in beads and so what do I do. Stash Shop. *shakes head and hangs it in shame*

  6. I think I may have to take pics of my stash(es)...maybe you could have a contest...she with the most supplies wins! or is it loses? :P