Saturday, January 30, 2010

469.00 Worth of Cover Buttons on the wall....

Take one down, pass it around...

I got my order of cover buttons in...they are nearly all sent out to those who helped contribute to the buy (THANK YOU!)

And yes, I've plowed my way through quite a few of them....

Here is what 469.00 worth of cover buttons are. In case you're wondering that is 2880 buttons in sizes ranging from size 20-60.

And I mindnumbingly counted out about 800 or more (I lost track...) for my other button addicts...


If you have NO idea what cover buttons are..they go from that to:

So you see why I would be obsessed...

SAH Queen


  1. THAT - my friend - is a LOT of buttons!

  2. Oh, I LOVE covered buttons! They're sooo fun to make.

  3. Wow.. I don't know how get the cover button size 20mm,24mn,30mm,36mm and 45mm in Malaysia..