Thursday, January 28, 2010

The First Step....

is admitting you have a problem.

Hello, my name is Amy and I am a supplyaholic. At this very moment I have some GORGEOUS fabrics in my cart at I do not NEED said fabrics. And I am doing my best to leave them there and wait and see! I already have more fabric than I can fit in an armoire plus roughly 15-20 yards coming via mail in time.....I MUST BE STOPPED!

Complicating this matter is I haven't had TIME to sew lately! Soaping has kept me a little busy since the fabulous New Orleans Saints are going to the Superbowl and I just so happen to make Saint's soaps! Then of course there are the children, housewifery duties and ridding the world of all evil...

Then there are the buttons. 469.00 worth of cover buttons. OH. MY. GOD. They are all counted and sorted and ready to be shipped to those who purchased and the rest are for me to use/sell. It was actually quite mind clearing to sit and count that many buttons! 2,4,6,8,.....Now to remember to move the money from Paypal to the bank to cover that credit card purchase for 469.00 worth of buttons!

So today, perhaps I shall get some button making done while the kid rests, perhaps I shall sew, or perhaps I shall nap myself as I am attempting to get a full time job and if I get it, will not have TIME for naps!

So confess it people...what supplies have YOU bought lately? What is on your drawing board for creating??

SupplyaHolic Queen


  1. I've been pretty good. Bought a couple of Valentine supplies at the dollar store so there wasn't too muc damage (only took in $20 with me!). The best thing to do about the fabric in your cart tho is to just close the browser window and don't look back. I have to do that sometimes with scrapbook sites! Once it's gone I don't have the energy to go back and find everything again. Be strong!!!

  2. Great blog! *lol*

  3. Sister, I feel your pain! They need to have interventions for people like us... I've ordered so much lately, and have MUCH MORE planned.. Oh, the sweet agony...

    Thank for this today! I have a grueling day ahead of me, and this made me laugh! : )

  4. Good for you not buying it. I have some fabric that is waiting to be cut surged and tie-died. I also have about 100 or so wipes that need to be surged. And then there are the leg warmers that are half sewn.
    Then there are the photos I took that need to be edited. Man I need like 2 days all to myself to get caught up.